GoCard Inc, Instantly Disrupts the Digital Business Card Industry
by Focusing on Luxury over Quantity

GoCard Inc. Instantly Disrupts the Digital Business Card Industry by Focusing on Luxury over Quantity

GoCard introduces a more impactful way for professionals to connect with each other by launching their unique digital business card platform. Described as "the purest form of your Digital & Social Hub for your Professional Life," GoCard caters to a more discerning client who takes their image very seriously. GoCard is passionate about the core principle of "having only one chance to make that critical first impression." Knowing this can make or mar a relationship, GoCard was designed to empower professionals, executives, and entrepreneurs to introduce the best possible version of themselves the first time…every time, giving you an instant competitive advantage over your competition.

Simply put…if you have customers or clients, then GoCard will only create more business for you. GoCard offers over 20 custom features to meet the diverse needs of all industries, regardless of your nature of business. In these unforeseen times we all are facing, connecting with people virtually is rapidly becoming the preferred standard. Due to the massive amount of robocalls that have flooded our cell towers, nobody answers their phone from an unknown number anymore. GoCard enables you to "e-troduce" yourself in a non-intrusive and disarming way by simply texting your GoCard to a potential lead. This technology easily allows you to bypass the traditional methods of cold calling. Studies have shown a 90% open/response rate from potential clients that can see who you are in their text feed. The most common theme GoCard clients seem to share is, they all appreciate how much easier it is for other people to share their information via their GoCard link.

GoCard was exclusively designed and engineered for professionals that are at the top of their industry. They know each client is unique and would do anything to stand out from their competition. GoCard can be shared 6 different ways to insure global compatibility for any device. The most popular way is through the power of NFC technology via a smart card & micro-sticker, when tapped on the back of any smart phone allows new contacts to instantly receive and access your GoCard in seconds. PWA or Progressive Web App technology then installs your GoCard Icon on your client's home screen for a full screen app like experience (without a visit to the app store) taking up zero space on the user's device. This universal technology enables you to rapidly deploy your GoCard when encountering a potential lead.

GoCard delivers on both form and function by integrating their "Infinity Engine" to showcase an unlimited number of social icons without cluttering the limited space of our smartphone screens. This "valuable real estate" is left open to shine the spotlight on you and your company. GoCard also uses a proprietary feature known as Scrolladex which is activated when a user initiates a connection with your GoCard, this system instantly sends you a text message notification to your phone and then categorizes all of this person's contact information into a searchable format that can be securely retrieved at any time. This unique system allows you to keep a time and date stamped "Virtual Rolodex" of all connections without integrating these leads into your client's personal contact list. This next-level approach to connecting with people reduces your response time to seconds converting your potential leads into customers.

GoCard views their platform as a "compliment" and not a replacement for your paper business cards. Their design team and engineers understand that there are still times when you must leave your business card behind. Unlock your business card's full potential and print your dynamic GoCode (fully customized QR Code) on all your print, web, and social media. This enables prospective clients to scan your code from their smartphone's camera and launch your GoCard instantly. GoCard's innovative design and forward-thinking innovation has clearly disrupted the digital business card industry and is sure to make their first impression a lasting one.

Client reviews are a testament to GoCard's effectiveness, ease of use and relative affordability. "GoCard is a new and cutting-edge platform unlike any other digital business card out there! It is so highly customize-able, unique, and powerful that it creates a new category in this digital space! JEM sees GoCard as not only our digital marketing signature and team identification but a data managing and relationship driver. It helps us connect with our customers and maintain these all-important relationships. I am especially impressed with how I can launch my company directory and assign one of my techs to a new account in seconds! For less than a cup of coffee a day, any company of any size will benefit from this powerful new tool!", said Jason McClaflin, President, JEM Network Consulting.

For more information about GoCard and how you can integrate their revolutionary digital business card platform into your business, please visit our website or send us an email to:



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