GoCard is the purest form of your Digital & Social Hub for your Professional Life! Gone are the days of requiring your family, friends, and clients, having to download an app from the app store to keep all of your information on file! Within a matter of seconds, your GoCard installs seamlessly, right on to your contact’s home screen!

Our goal is to make connecting with people fun again. GoCard was created to empower its clients to present the very best of themselves the first time…every time! Our system encompasses the latest technology that will notify you instantly when a potential client connects with you so that you never miss a lead again!

It really doesn’t matter what type of business you are in, if you have customers or clients, then GoCard will only create more business for you! Each GoCard is custom built to promote you and your business on another level rarely seen by your competition.

With over 20 Custom Features, your GoCard will easily rival multi-million dollar apps for pennies on the dollar! With a price point of only $1, $2 or $3 a day, and a turn around time of only three business days, GoCard has been exclusively designed to fit any budget.

With over 20 years of design and programming experience, there really isn’t anything our design team can’t do when it comes to fully customizing your GoCard! So what are you waiting for? It’s time to invest in yourself, and unleash the true potential of your GoCard today!





  • PRO
only $1 a day!
$99 Design Fee
Ready In 1 Business Day!
Standard Design
Company Logo
Profile Photo
Default Home-Screen Icon
QR Code - Static
Call Mobile
Text Mobile
Call Office
Virtual Contact Card
Text / Share Card Link

only $2 a day!
$199 Design Fee
Ready In 2 Business Days!
2 Designs to Choose From
Company Logo
Profile Photo
Custom Home-Screen Icon
QR Code - Dynamic Custom Design
Call Mobile
Text Mobile
Call Office
Social Media
Virtual Contact Card
Text / Share Card Link
About Profile
Contact Lead Form

only $3 a day!
$299 Design Fee
Ready In 3 Business Days!
4 Designs to Choose From
Company Logo
Profile Photo
Custom Home-Screen Icon
QR Code - Dynamic Custom Design
Call Mobile
Text Mobile
Call Office
Custom Designed Icons
Social Media
Unlimited Icons
Virtual Contact Card
Text / Share Card Link
About Profile
GPS Tracking
Professional Video Hosting
Photo Gallery
NFC "Air-Card"
Customized Contact Lead Form
Instant Email Notifications
Instant Text Message Notifications
ScrollAdex - Contact Dashboard
Unlimited Updates


Our Clients Definitely Stand Out Over Their Competition!



GoCard is the ultimate digital business card and your Digital & Social Hub for your Professional Life! Everything about you and your company is professionally displayed on your smart phone while keeping a "minimum appearance" of all of its features and functionality. Your GoCard is intuitive, clean and concise. No instruction manual is needed for your users. All they have to do is "Tap" on an icon and your GoCard will seamlessly do the rest!

No, GoCard is not a traditional app, although it looks and functions just like one. GoCard uses Progressive Web App technology (PWA) to give you all the functionality of a traditional app without the headache of downloading and updating from the App Store. When prompted, simply add your GoCard as a home screen icon to your smart phone's home screen. Then tap your personalized icon to launch your GoCard instantly. It will now display in "full-screen" mode and will look and function just like an app without the hassle of visiting the app store.

If first impressions and image are very important to you, then you will appreciate having a GoCard. It doesn't really matter what type of business you are in. If you have customers or clients, then your GoCard will only generate more revenue for you. It's ALWAYS important to be able to connect with people quickly and efficiently. Take your professional presence to the next level and let your GoCard go to work for you!

Go Card is not for everyone, we never intended it to be. It's for professionals that are the best in their fields. Ask yourself this question, What do you think you are worth? How much do you value yourself? How important are first impressions to you?  GoCard is for people that understand "You only get one chance to make a first impression." If you live by this creed then you have come to the right place! GoCard is  your professional digital version of you. We are very aware that you have options and quality is our focus over quantity. GoCard gives your customers and clients your best impression of you, the first time...every time! We are a team of professionals with over 20 years of design, programming, marketing and technology experience. We have been in the app design business since inception. The cost to have an app built like your GoCard would be tens of thousands of dollars and that is before you pay anything to maintain it. We have 3 price points for this very reason. $1, $2 or $3 a day... your daily Cup of Starbucks Coffee costs more than that! :)

You can easily share your GoCard with clients via Text Message, QR-Code Scan, NFC Air Card Scan, Social, E-Mail or copy your unique URL and share it with anyone.

Yes! Anyone that has you GoCard can share it with others instantly via text or email. Our client's get more referrals because they have made it very easy and seamless for other people to instantly send their GoCard to other people within seconds!

For as little as $1 $2 or $3 a day, you can choose from one of our three affordable GoCard subscription plans. We also offer custom corporate packages for businesses that are in need of 10 or more GoCards for their team.

Yes! You can easily add custom icons and links to your GoCard beyond those that are offered in your GoCard build. When submitting your information for your GoCard, simply upload the icon image/logo and provide the url and we'll handle the rest.

Not at this time. Simply submit an Update/Change request in your account and our team will take care of it for you usually within one business day.

Yes! We understand that things are always changing within the business world. What if your position at your company changes? What if you go to work somewhere else? What if your contact information or website address changes? We've got you covered. Simply submit an Update/Change request in your account and our team will take care of it for you usually within one business day.

Choose our Elite GoCard and you'll receive an email notification every time your GoCard is viewed. Now you can know in real time when clients are viewing your information and showing an interest in your services!

Choose our Elite GoCard Plan and you'll have access to our Scrolladex System! A digital directory of all contacts that have chosen to connect with you through your GoCard. You can opt in to receive a text message instantly when someone connects with you. From there, simply launch your Scrolladex and you will see the name of your contact, their company, phone number, date you connected with them and three icons: tap to call them, tap to text them, tap to email them. Your Scrolladex is instantly searchable. Just start typing in anything about a particular contact and their information will appear instantly. Scrolladex is powered by "Cloud software" so you never have to worry about ever losing this very valuable list of connections. Lose or replace your phone? No problem, you GoCard is cloud based so your contacts can be recalled instantly from any mobile device!

Each GoCard is custom built and coded by our team of professionals. This is how we pay them to design your GoCard for you. Our team works very hard to meticulously design and test every GoCard before it goes live. Your GoCard is a direct representation of you and your business and we take time to ensure that your professional presence is stellar.

Our AirCard is another convenient way to share your GoCard with clients and prospects. This plastic "credit card sized" card is programmed with NFC technology to launch your GoCard. Simply tap your AirCard against any NFC enabled smart phone and your GoCard will appear on that phone. Connect and Impress Instantly.

Yes! Even though traditional business cards are old fashioned, dirty and terrible for the environment, the sad reality is that we still need them. We know there are times that you will just have to "leave your business card behind." Put your business card to work for you by printing your GoCode on them. Your business is dynamic and competitive and you need a tool that introduces you to your clients in a format that is interactive and fun! Clients can't "tap" a paper business card to connect with you. Clients can't "tap" a paper business card to view your website, access your social media or learn more about your services. However, they can "Scan your GoCode" and instantly be taken to your GoCard! Your GoCard is packed with information and features that will allow you and your clients to communicate efficiently with just a few clicks. Leave the fossils of the business world in the dust and take your brand to the next level with GoCard!

Your GoCode begins life as a traditional QR-Code. This code on it's own is known as a "Static Code" that simply redirects a visitor to a website. Static Codes are permanent (link cannot be changed) and redirect your visitor to a website when scanned. We take this code and and transform it into a "Dynamic Code" that is personalized to you and your business. Your Dynamic GoCode allows us to change the URL in real time, add Google Statistics, send real time scan notifications and so much more! Your GoCode is color matched with your company colors, we place your "profile photo" in the center and display your company logo at the bottom of your GoCode. You also receive a printable pdf of your GoCode so you can place it on all of your social, web and print media and marketing materials. Anytime a potential customer views your GoCode, they will know "who and what they are about to scan" and feel safe doing so. This will "supercharge" your marketing and finally put all of these marketing outlets to work for you.

GoCard Agency is for business professionals that would like to connect a "Directory" of people to their GoCard. These individuals will display in a "CoverFlow" format and have the following features: Profile Photo, Full Name, Position or Title. Email, Mobile Phone, Text Mobile, Office Phone. GoCard Agency requires the main person to have an Elite GoCard Subscription. Each additional person added is simply an additional $10/month. GoCard Agency takes your GoCard to another level of customer service by providing instant tap access to your entire team in a way that makes it effortless for them to connect with you and your business.

GoCard Team connects you and the rest of your tam members' GoCards together and displays them in a "CoverFlow" format. Each GoCard will have a custom "Team" icon, when tapped the team member directory will launch allowing the user to navigate from one GoCard to another. GoCard Team allows each team member to promote themselves individually while still being able to promote the entire team.

Yes, For an additional fee, we can rush deliver your GoCard within 24 hours assuming we have all of your assets to complete your GoCard Build. We recently had a client that forgot their business cards for a tradeshow and needed a GoCard the same day. Our team delivered received all of the client's assets and was able to deliver their GoCard to them on time.

Of course we do! We pay a one time 20% commission on the setup fee of each GoCard Plan:
• $20 Commission: Starter Plan
• $40 Commission: Pro Plan
• $60 Commission: Elite Plan
We create a unique link for you to share. When someone visits our website from your link, our system will track all sales generated and keep a report of your commissions. You can request a payout each time or wait and let it build up over time. The choice is yours!


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